Ignatius and God the Communicator

Ignatius is one who experiences God as a communicator. God speaks, and God is always desiring to be in dialogue with us. At the beginning of the Spiritual ExercisesIgnatius presents us with the Principle and Foundation. At first, it would seem to be a simple statement the kind of creator God we believe in. But Ignatius makes sure that we understand creation in terms of gifts.

It is necessary for us to make a choice among the multitude of gifts presented before us to determine which ones are more helpful for knowing and responding to God. Our response is a necessary part the communication dialogue that God has initiated.

In the final exercise of the Spiritual Exercises, “The Contemplation on the Love of God.” Ignatius wants to remind us of two important aspects of loving. The first is that lovers want to put their love in deeds more than words. Then he adds Lovers: always want to share with the one loved whatever each has.

All gifts are meant to communicate, open up to dialogue; all gifts are meant to speak. This essential aspect of gifting fills out concretely what the Principle and Foundation has already implied.

One way of understanding the gift of Ignatius to us today is to see a God who is always communicating with us and desiring us to enter into his way of communicating.

David Flemming SJ