75th ANNIVERSARY 1930-2005


St. Ignatius' Church is constructed of brick with polychromatic patterns incorporated into the walls of the structure. The Architects were Hennessy & Hennessy & Co., Supervisor Leo Drinan. Builders were Concrete Constructions Ltd.

Fr. Richard Murphy, S.J., serving his second term as Parish Priest of Toowong at the time, was also the pioneer Parish Priest of 1916. At the time of the Opening the Parish included the District of St. Lucia.

All five altars were designed by Mr. H. Credgington of the Catholic Art Gallery Melbourne and crafted in his Studios at San Pietro, Carrara in Italy and erected by Andrew Petrie & Sons, Stonemasons of Toowong

The High Altar was donated by the O'Sullivan Family.
The Tabernacle by Archbishop James Duhig D.D.
Our Lady's Altar by the Children of Mary.
Sacred Heart Altar by Mrs. J. Bergin.
St. Ignatius Shrine and windows by the McCaffrey Family.
The St. Therese Shrine and windows of the Carmelite Order by the people of Auchenflower.
The Magnificat and Christ the King windows were designed by Mr. William Bustard and donated by Mr. John A. Hayes in memory of his Sister.
The Silky Oak timber Altar for Mass facing the people since 1966 was crafted and donated by Frank and Margaret Shuttlewood.
The Wall Bell in the Sanctuary, symbol of the four evangelists, was donated by Mr. F. O'Rourke (Regatta Hotel).
The Pulpit on the side wall of the Church was donated by Mr. P.J. O'Shea of "Middebnbury", Coronation Drive, site of the A.B.C. Radio Studio.
The imitation Marble which is featured around the Sanctuary area and Pulpit is Seagliola made by Melocco Brothers of Sydney.
Altar Rails, Altar Gates and ceiling hung Sanctuary Lamp have been removed to suit liturgical Changes since Vatican II.

The original Sanctuary floor was replaced in about 1960 due to lifting and failing of original tiling.

The origin of the bust of the B.V.M. is unknown but the bust of the Limpias Christ was donated by Mrs. Power. Two smaller glass windows of St. Ignatius and St. Francis Xavier are featured high up in the side walls of the Church. These were also designed by William Bustard.

Either side of the Church near the Choir Loft are two stained glass windows brought from the original Church of St. Michael and Holy Souls. The Sacred Heart window donated by Judge & Mrs. O'Sullivan and the St. Michael the Archangel window donated by Mrs. Beardmore. Both these windows will be restored later this year by Jerry Cummings and Jill Stein.

The original Crucifix in the dome of the High Altar was replaced by a brass crucifix donated by the Pender and Foley Families in memory of Kathleen Pender.

The Baptismal Font of Carrara Marble was moved from the original Baptistry, which featured stained glass windows of the Baptism of Christ and the Baptism of little children, to its present location at the Sanctuary.

High up on the Sanctuary Wall is a Mosaic of Christ the King, origin unknown.

Three brass plaques are affixed to the walls of St. Ignatius' Church. Two plates were affixed in 1993, the Centenary Year of the Toowong Catholic Church. One plate commemorates the pioneer priest Canon Thomas Belton whilst the other records the Priests who ministered in the Community during the 100 years of Toowong's Catholic Church.

The third plate records the enormous task undertaken between 1933 and 1936 when Fr. William Lockington S.J. developed a Relief Worker Programme in the depression years to enhance the surrounds of St. Ignatius' Church/School and at the same time to provide sustenance for the Parish families.

As well as the Blessing and Opening of "Manresa", on 30th July, 1916, and the Opening of the new Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola on 18th May, 1930, the Blessing of the extensions and improvements around St. Ignatius occurred on the Feast of St. Ignatius in 1936. These improvements involved the removal of 16,000 cubic yards of excavation from the Convent side of the Church to the Grove Street side.

When this was done 2000 square yards of concrete paving and paths were laid, 500 feet of underground drains, 200 yards of roads, 600 feet of open concrete drains and 3000 yards of stone built into walls which were covered and turfed.

A Pipe Organ was installed in St. Ignatius in 1957 by Whitehouse Bros. in memory of Fr. Leo Murphy S.J., assistant priest 1943-1957.

The building not only included the Church but the lower story provided School accommodation as well as many other roles from 1930 to 1948.