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 The 40th Anniversary of Holy Spirit Church, Auchenflower

A history of the Auchenflower site

60 years Celebration of the Opening of St Ignatius school building   



On the 31st July 2011, we celebrated 95 years of Jesuit Fathers in Toowong Parish. An open air mass was held on the Susan Palmer Field with the Parish's Extraordinary Ministers of the Word, the Eucharist and parish support bodies - Finance & Development, Property & Maintenance, Koinonia (Welcome & Care) etc.


On the 1st August 2010, we celebrated 80 years of St Ignatius Church, School and Hall. A special 'Ignatian Luncheon' was held in the parish hall in honour of the occassion and to also celebrate the 80th birthdays of three of our Jesuits and several parishioners and a Celebratory Menu was prepared for the day.

On the October 11th, 2009, we celebrated 40 years of Holy Spirit Church, Auchenflower, at the 8.30am Mass at Holy Spirit Church. The Community celebrated 40 years since the laying of the foundation stone of the Church (October 12 1969) and the Official Opening which took place two months later (December 15th 1969). A special morning tea was held after the Mass.

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 The 40th Anniversary of Holy Spirit Church

A history of the Auchenflower site


In 2008 we celebrated     60 years Celebration of the Opening of St Ignatius school building   

Visit the    St Ignatius Anniversary Celebrations Page    to read what was planned for St Ignatius Parish in 2006.

In 2005, the Parish celebrated      The 75th anniversary of St Ignatius Church.      A series of articles of the history of the Parish.

Our Parish Historian (Percy Hanlon) has prepared the table shown below listing a brief timeline of the major milestones in the Parish.

1879 First Mass celebrated in Toowong Area (Home of J. Keogh, Burns Road).
1888 9th March. Archbishop Dunne purchases land in Holland Street, Toowong.
1892 24th September. Foundation Stone of Catholic Church laid by Bishop Corbett of Sale.
1893 9th April. Blessing and Opening of Church of St. Michael and All Souls.
1902 22nd July. Sisters of Mercy purchase "Goldicott" for the Convent. Renamed "Mt. St. Mary's"
1902 2nd November. Foundation Block of new School Blessed by Archbishop Robert Dunne.
1903 19th January. Convent School & Sisters of Mercy Convent Blessed by Archbishop James Duhig DD
1916 30th July. Jesuit Fathers arrive. Parish established with Opening of Presbytery "Manresa", cnr. Holland Street and Kensington Terrace.
1926 24th February. Holy Family Indooroopilly Parish Formed.
1927 31st July. Church of Carmel of the Holy Spirit, Auchenflower - Carmelite Monastery, "Auchenflower House"
1929 16th June. Foundation Stone of new Church/School laid.
1930 18th May. St. Ignatius Church/School Blessed and Opened by Archbishop James Duhig DD
1933 -36 Depression - Relief Worker Programme. Work on Church surrounds.
1940 Clearance of land beside convent to develop school playing fields.
1946 16th June. St. Thomas Aquinas St. Lucia Parish formed.
1946 3rd November. Foundation Stone of new School laid by Archbishop James Duhig. D.D.
1948 18th July. Fr. William O'Keeffe School Building Blessed by Archbishop James Duhig. D.D.
1955 Present Presbytery "Manresa" purchased and extended. Dedicated to Memory of Fr. William Lockington SJ. "
1959 8th March. Pipe Organ installed in St. Ignatius. Dedicated in Memory of Fr. Leo Murphy, SJ, Assistant Priest 1943-1957. "
1964 Auchenflower site purchased from Carmelites.
1965 26th June. Carmelites move to Ormiston.
1966 31st July. Parish Golden Jubilee. Liturgy in Vernacular. Mass facing the people.
1969 12th October. Foundation Stone Holy Spirit Church Auchenflower laid.
1969 15th December. Holy Spirit Memorial Church Auchenflower Blessed and Opened by Archbishop P.M. O'Donnell DD
1974 School 'Parents and Friends' established.
1975 "Morrow" property behind School purchased.
1976 31st July. Parish Diamond Jubilee.
1983 17th March. Parish Pastoral Council formed.
1985 First School Lay Principal appointed.
1986 5th September. Sisters of Mercy and Lay Staff School Extension Blessed.
1990 18th May. Diamond Jubilee of St. Ignatius Church.
1991 26th July. Parish School Grade 7 Students moved into the "Morrow" House.
1991 26th July. Ignatian Year. 75 Years Parish.
1993 9th April. Centenary of Toowong Catholic Community. Parish Hall Kitchen facilities relocated.
1996 25th August. Sister Mary Leonard R.S.M. School Building Blessed (on site of old "Morrow" House) by Bishop Michael Putney DD
1997 3rd May. Parish Centre Development and Presbytery Upgrade Blessed by Bishop Michael Putney DD.
2000 21st May. 2 Classrooms School Block & Barbara Foster Art Centre & proposed Teachers' Amenities Space Blessed by Fr. Jim Kilbride SJ & Opened by Mrs. Mary Persley.
2002 19th May. Children's Liturgy Room at Holy Spirit Church Blessed, by Fr Chris Jenkins SJ, PP.
2002 25th August. Sisters of Mercy celebrate centenary of convent purchase.
2003 29th July. Centenary of Catholic Education in Toowong. Blessing of the sculpture 'Jesus and the little kid' followed by Lantern Mass, by Fr Chris Jenkins SJ, PP
2005 25th November. Blessing of extended 'Out of School Hours Care' area and Prep School facilities under Sr M. Leonard Building, by Fr Peter Quin SJ, PP
2007 16th November. Blessing of undercover recreation area, new school staff facilities and refurbished school administration area, by Fr Peter Quin SJ, PP
2009 Successful acquisition of school playing fields from Sisters of Mercy, by Fr Peter Quin SJ, PP.
2009 23rd March. Blessing of refurbished hall, undercover improvements, Mary and Child Reflection Area and Susan Palmer playing field, by Fr Peter Quin SJ, PP.
2010 1st October. Refurbishment of playing fields, installation of water tanks, building of outdoor education centre, refurbishment of 1986 School extension to form new Library, refurbishment of old library to classrooms.
2010 4th November. Official opening of 'Manresa Enrichment Centre' Year 7 Learning Centre, Covered Outdoor Learning Centre and Susan Palmer Field by Senator Clare Moore.
2011 31st July. 95 years as parish in care of Jesuit Fathers. 11am Open-air Mass with Parish Extraordinary Ministers; 5pm Blessing of New Organ (Allen L121) at St Ignatius Church, funded by parishioners, by Fr Peter Quin SJ, PP.
2011 10th December. 95th Anniversary of the Toowong Conference of the Society of St Vincent de Paul.
2011 10th December. Blessing of New Stained Glass Window, 'Mercy Window', (above side-entrance of St Ignatius Church) honouring the Sisters of Mercy and donated by Taylor Family in loving-memory of Mary Jeanette (Jane) Taylor, at 6pm Mass, by Fr Peter Quin SJ, PP.
2012 17th November. Blessing of New Lift (at side entrance of St Ignatius Church), at 6pm Mass, by Fr Peter Quin SJ, PP.
2012 9th December. Blessing of New Organ (Allen Protégé L-10) at Holy Spirit Church, at 8.30am Mass, by Fr Peter Quin SJ, PP.



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