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Jesuit Conferences and Provinces

Jesuits around the world are organized into 91 geographic areas called provinces governed by a provincial superior who is appointed by and reports directly to the Society’s Superior General.  Jesuit provinces are grouped into 10 regional “assistancies,” each with an “assistant” to Father General in Rome. 

Australian Province is one of eight Provinces and six regions within the Asia and Pacific Conference. They are China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, and the countries of the Pacific notably Micronesia and regions: Cambodia, Timor Leste, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore. A For more information please click on Asia Pacific.

List of Jesuit Conferences

Asia and Pacific - http://www.sjapc.net/what-we-do/international-works

Jesuit in the USA -  http://www.sjweb.info/resources/usa.cfm

Europe - http://www.jesuits-europe.info/

West Europe - http://www.sjweb.info/resources/westeuro.cfm

Central Europe - http://www.sjweb.info/resources/centeuro.cfm

South Asia – India  - http://www.sjweb.info/resources/southasia.cfm

Eastern Europe - http://www.sjweb.info/resources/easteuro.cfm

North Latin American - http://www.sjweb.info/resources/northlat.cfm

South Latin America - http://www.sjweb.info/resources/southlat.cfm

Africa - http://www.jesam-infos.org/en/provregions.php

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Jesuit Social Works

HIV/AIDS issues in Africa http://www.jesuitaids.net/
Refugees and internal displaced people International     http://www.jrs.net/
Australia            http://www.jrs.org.au/
Social Services in Australia http://www.jss.org.au/
Australian Jesuit Mission  http://www.jesuitmission.org.au/


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