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We would like to remember those Jesuits who have been in our Community, but have passed away while part of the Toowong Jesuit Community.

  • Fr John Reilly SJ (died 15th March 2017) - Vale Fr John Reilly SJ
  • Fr Peter Quin SJ (died 22nd November 2016) - Vale Fr Peter Quin SJ
  • Fr Vince Hurley SJ (died 1st December 2015)
  • Fr Gregory Jordan SJ (died 19th July 2015)
  • Fr John Drury SJ (died 27th May 2010)
  • Fr Norbert Olsen SJ (died 10th May 2009)      The Collection of Fr Norbert's Homilies   
    Fr Norbert's memory will remain with us in these writings.
  • Fr Ted O’Connor SJ (died 18th December 2000)
  • Fr Cornelius Finn SJ (died 29th August 1993)
  • Br Jim Henderson SJ (died 11th February 2007). His artistic work remains with us in the beautiful
    terracotta mural he made.


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Australian Jesuits


Australian Jesuits

In 1848, Jesuits from the Austro-Hungarian Empire were sent into exile, and two young priests, ordained only six weeks, emigrated to the 12-year-old colony of South Australia. Since then the Australian Jesuit has grown and works in many apostolates. For more information: 

Jesuits Parishes in Australia



International Jesuits

Jesuits International logoThe Society of Jesus was founded in 1540 by St. Ignatius Loyola and since then has grown from the original seven to 24, 400 members today who work out of 1,825 houses in 112 countries. In the intervening 455 years many Jesuits became renowned for their sanctity (41 Saints and 285 Blesseds), for their scholarship in every conceivable field, for their explorations and discoveries, but especially for their schools. The Society is governed by General Congregations, the supreme legislative authority which meets occasionally.

For more information:


History of Society of Jesus (Jesuits)

The Society of Jesus was founded in 1534 in Montemartre outside Paris, where Ignatius of Loyola and six companions made their first vows together to 'enter upon hospital and missionary work in Jerusalem, or go without questioning wherever the Pope might direct'.

The first Jesuits to set foot in Australia came from Austria, arriving in Adelaide in 1848. Two Irish Jesuits established a community in Melbourne in 1865, and three more Austrians and one of the first native-born Australians to become Jesuit established a community in Darwin in 1882.

The Australian Province was formally established in 1950, with Fr Austin Kelly SJ its first Provincial. The Province has benefited from a long line of dynamic and capable individuals working in a range of ministries. In recent years, although the number of Jesuits has declined, these ministries have continued with the help of lay companions.

Please visit the website of the Australian Jesuits for more information

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