MAGiS is a ministry to foster Ignatian spirituality in young adults. It accommpanies and supports its members, helping them to achieve fulfilment in their lives through a faith that does justice.

Magis is Latin for more. We use it to describe "seeking more of what God wants for us". MAGiS aims to produce leaders - people witha sense of God's place in their lives and the capacity to build a better world.

The MAGiS community is guided by 3 pillars:

Companionship: Being welcoming and in community with other like minded/hearted people.

Spirituality: Being aware of God's presence and understanding "my" life purpose, helping to discern how I am to respond.

Service: Responding selflessly to others, building relationships of authenticity and commitment, while being open to growth and transformation.

'I'm really interested in how everyone else lives out their lives according to what they believe. It's terrific to see yourself as part of such a group. You realise you're not odd or alone.'    - Bridget

MAGis is a collaboration between five Ignatian orders:

  • Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ)
  • Loreto Sisters (IVBM)
  • Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ)
  • Sisters of Charity (RSC)
  • Society of Jesus, Jesuits (SJ)

Activities include:

    • MAGiS Sundays.  website:
    • Fly into Freedom – Ignatian Network. A formation resource for MAGiS. website:  
    • MAGiS Circle is an Ignatian spiritual practice in which participants reflect deeply on their faith experiences and develop a dialogue around their significance.
    • Immersion Experiences, known as Experiments, in which young adults engage with multicultural and spiritual communities locally in Australia or in Asia. These experiences may also include interacting beyond our comfort zones in a variety of activities that draws young adults in reflection, prayer and allowing them to explore differences while fostering a faith that does justice.
    • Works of Service in the local community, aimed at building solidarity and putting faith into action.

Contact person:

Rachel McLoughlin
Director, Spirituality, MAGis

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