Collection of Homilies
from Fr Norbert Olsen

Unfortunately this brings to a close just under five years of Fr Norbert Olsen's work. Fr Norbert Olsen died on 10 May 2009, aged 78 years. He was greatly loved and will be sadly missed.

This page contains the links to Fr Norbert's Homilies starting from September 12th 2004

Note that each colection is for the Liturgical Year (Advent to Christ the King)   Please Note:- © The Australian Jesuit Community


Fr Norbert's comments for the 2009 Liturgical Year:
As the new liturgical season begins, I hope that you find the freedom to meditate on Mark’s Gospel and receive insights pertinent to yourselves in the dreaming.

Feast of Trinity Sunday Year B (2009)   3 in 1 ain’t maths   Matthew Chapter 28:16-20
Feast of Pentecost Year B (2009)   The Jesus Questions   John Chapters 15:26-27 & 16:12-15
Feast of the Ascension Year B (2009)   Where’d He Go?   Acts Chapter 1:1-11
6th Sunday of Easter Year B (2009)   Standing on My Head   John Chapter 15:9-17
5th Sunday of Easter Year B (2009)   Up there or Down here   John Chapter 15:1-8
4th Sunday of Easter Year B (2009)   The Pain Goes On   John Chapter 10:11-18. The Good Shepherd
3rd Sunday of Easter Year B (2009)   Who? Me? What?   Luke Chapter 24:35-48 Try this one!!!
3rd Sunday of Easter Year B (2009)   I’m Puffed   Luke Chapter 24:1-34 Oh-No!!:- the wrong part of Luke for the 3rd Sunday of Easter
2nd Sunday of Easter Year B (2009)   “Ah haf ma doots.” Thank God.   John Chapter 20:19-31
Easter Sunday Year B (2009)   Excuse me. I’m off   Mark Chapter 16:1-7
Good Friday Year B (2009)   Fidelity, Hope, Love   The passion according to John Chapters 18:1 to 19:42
Holy Thursday Year B (2009)   Goodbye cultic temple   John Chapter 13:1-15
Passion Sunday Year B (2009)   Figs to that!   Mark Chapter 11:1-11 (the entry into Jerusalem)
5th Sunday of Lent Year B (2009)   Life on the Light Side   John Chapter 12:20-33 (and read Chapter 11)
4th Sunday of Lent Year B (2009)   A Minefield   John Chapter 3:14-21
3rd Sunday of Lent Year B (2009)   Destroy? Raise up!!!   John Chapter 2: 13–22 (cf. Exodus Chs. 24 & 25)
2nd Sunday of Lent Year B (2009)   The Ridding of Demons   Mark Chapter 9: 2-10
1st Sunday of Lent Year B (2009)   A Rich Ritual   Mark Chapter 1: 12-15
Ash Wednesday Year B (2009)   Why Give, Why Fast?   Matthew Chapter 6:1-6, 16-18
7th Sunday of Year B (2009)   Putting on flesh   Mark Chapter 2: 1-12
6th Sunday of Year B (2009)   Calling All Sinners   Mark Chapter 1: 40-45
5th Sunday of Year B (2009)   My Way –Your Way?   Mark Chapter 2: 29-39 (incl. 1:12- 2:39)
4th Sunday of Year B (2009)   What possessed them?   Mark Chapter 1: 21-28
3rd Sunday of Year B (2009)   Paul in Mark   Mark Chapter 1: 14-20
2nd Sunday of Year B (2009)   Loves Labour Lost?   John Chapter 1: 35-42
The Baptism of Our Lord Year B (2009)   I have a Baptism   Mark Chapter 1: 7-11
The Epiphany Year B (2009)   The Magi   Matthew Chapter 2: 1-12
The Holy Family Year B (2009)   Body. Not a Building   Luke Chapter 2: 22–40
Christmas Day 2008 Year B (2008/9)   Hearing with the Heart   Luke Chapter 2: (1-14), 15-20
4th Sunday of Advent Year B (2008/9)   A Call or a Faint Echo   Luke Chapter 1: 26-38
3rd Sunday of Advent Year B (2008/9)   The New Prophets   John Chapter 1:6-8, 19-28
2nd Sunday of Advent Year B (2008/9)   Surely Temple   Mark Chapter 1: 1-8
1st Sunday of Advent Year B (2008/9)   Metanoia – God’s dream   Mark Chapter 13: 33-37

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